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On September 15th 2018 over 1,000volunteers joined the Global Beach-Cleanup day at Barack Obama Drive (Ocean Road) and Selandar Bridge in Dar es Salaam. As part of the global movement of the International Cleanup Day, numerous amount of NGOs, Members of the Government (Ilala municipal council members), Schools and voluntary organizations such as the Lions Club International, Nipe Fagio, Green Waste Pro, Al Muntazir School and many jogging groups joined FORUMCC in this major step towards a cleaner environment.

As the beaches at Selandar Bridge and Barack-Obama Drive (former Ocean Road) are located centrally at Dar Es Salaam, they are heavily polluted by washed up waste e.g plastic, fishing nets, and everyday-waste like plastic bags, shoes, old clothes, bottles, coconut shells, et cetera. This is especially problematic in areas with vegetation in which particularly smaller pieces of garbage accumulate. Due to the fact that those will not decompose, this adds up to a massive waste problem.

So last Saturday at 7 o'clock in the morning 1740 hands started to do something about it and collected over 550 Bags of waste, including 455 of mixed waste (General, organic etc.) and 77 bags of plastic (Bottles, bags, shoes etc.) in order to recycle them. Special goods such as fishing nets and car tires were collected separately.

Forum CC focused on the awareness raising before and during the event. Our Organization designed and installed banners, took responsibility of the documentation (taking photos and inviting the public media) and assured that the guests of honour, Ilala District Commissioner Sophia Mjema and Head of the EU delegation to Tanzania Ambassador Roeland van de Geer, were greeted properly.

We think actions like these are of crucial importance, because they raise awareness on our world's plastic and waste problem. It concerns all of us even though the immediate effect of a Cleanup may seem rather small. But it is about changing the point of view on our consumer behaviour and especially our excessive use of plastic, taking a step towards a cleaner environment and thereby a step towards a better future for our earth and all the generations to come. All of us worked together as inhabitants of planet earth, united by our common goal. For that we especially thank Green Waste Pro who took care of collecting the waste, Nipe Fagio, Lions Club International and Ilala municipal council as well as all the other volunteers who joined us and worked hard. Without all of you, these remarkably great results wouldn't have been possible. Furthermore we thank the European Union and all others who supported us financially.

The world clean-up is a global initiative growing every year, this time 113 countries participated, creating a movement across international borders. ForumCC is proud to be a part of this.

Written by Fabian Welke and Imme Stolzenburg © 2018