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FORUMCC conducted a members’ strategic meeting on 17th October 2018 at COSTECH conference hall in Dar es Salaam.

The meeting aimed at bringing members together to strategically discuss on the progress of the Forum including its success and associated challenges. A total of fifty (50) members, partners and policy makers (33 male and 17 female) attended the meeting.

Members’ roles and project implementation management were main agenda of discussion. Specifically, the discussion focused on strengthening on-ground work and improving communication and visibility of engagements and work. Also, during the meeting, members got opportunity to share their successes and best practices that can also be used by other members in their respective areas.

A digital approach to members’ management was agreed as an action point moving forward. An online portal will be created through a consultant. This will map all members and importantly provide opportunity for on spot update of on-ground works that they are doing. Also, members agreed to introduce a subscription and membership fees from next year (2019) onwards. This was agreed in order to ensure having active members for the Forum.


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