Post 1 Konferenz DodomaThe Climate Change Symposium is an annual FORUMCC flagship event that brings together civil society and representatives from the government, development partners, academic institutions, youth and women groups, and media to discuss and propose solutions to address climate change and its related issues.

FORUMCC has been, jointly with Oxfam and other Partners, organizing the Summit (previously known as symposium) since 2014. This year (2019) Summit will be the fifth one to be organised. Each of the previous years, the Summit had a specific overall theme related to existing, on-going and upcoming key climate issue and/or process. The previous Summits had the following themes:


2014: Climate Change and CSOs Space for Effective Engagement

2015: Towards the Global Climate Agreement

2016: Acceleration of Integration of Climate Change Adaptation into Plans and Budget

2018: Financing for Climate Action: Bringing Accountability at the core of Addressing Climate Change

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 rangeland society morogoro

The Rangeland society is very wide and very important in Tanzania; it started with 29 members in 2011 and currently has 200 members. This meeting has been the 9th meeting since the beginning of Rangeland society. Among 94 million hector for land resources, 64 million is for rangeland, unfortunately by following up it is found out that only 9.3 million hectors are reserved for pastures activities. For now Tanzania has an approximate of 30 million of cattle, 18 million goats and 5 million sheep. The cattle have been living a very hard life through a long pass of drought.

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